*Nike Zoom Wildhorse

*7.8 ounces & 4mm drop

* Rubber waffle outsole- traction for tacklin any trail.

* Cush feel- perfect for longer distances.

* Hugs- My forefoot doesn’t move on those quick, steep descents; this shoe hugs just right.

* Hot colors- love those pretty and bright colors.

Personal Thoughts 

For years, I wore the same 4mm road shoe on the trails- the Newton Distance U; and I loved it; but it became a discontinued shoe and I was always scouring discount sites for it and by the Fall of 2013, I could no longer find it. I ran my last race in December 2013 in a pair of beat up, ripped Distance U’s and afterward, vowed to find a new shoe for the upcoming 2014 racing year.

I tried three different shoe brands: Altra, Newton, and Nike. Nike won. Altra; despite the positive feedback I had heard from the trail community; simply wasn’t a good fit for me, and my feet weren’t happy each time I took them on the trails- I concluded that for “how” I run trails, a zero drop shoe was not for me. I moved onto Newton’s new trail shoe- the BOCO and took it for a 23 mile road run- yep; I tested it on the road first and loved it. The following weekend I took it on a 23 mile race preview trail run and was displeased with how much my foot moved in the shoe; especially on the descents. My shoelaces came undone four times and I finished the run with sore feet; so sore in fact I wore HOKA shoes for 10 days to get through my runs. I wanted the Newtons to work because I loved the brand and had loved my Distance U shoes for years; but as the SOB50 race neared, I feared I’d injure myself if I kept running in them….and during that time is when Nike contacted me- talk about incredible timing!

I have long loved Nike gear and have run many races in their stuff, but not their shoes; so I immediately went out and purchased a pair of the Nike Zoom Wildhorse  trail shoes. I wanted to be sure that the shoe was going to be a good fit for me; one that I could stand behind and support. I have an 8 mile route I like to test gear on; it’s got everything from steep climbs, fast single track, technical downhill, and fast paved fireroads. I took the shoes for a spin and was immediately impressed. Like my Newtons, I could “feel” the ground; so I was responding quickly and when I hit the downhills, my feet didn’t move- they sat snuggled in place…I was stoked! I logged 40 miles on the shoes and was absolutely thrilled with how much I liked them. I signed with Nike…and finally settled on my 2014 racing shoe.

Upon arriving at the Nike Trail Summit, I learned quickly that the Zoom Terra Kiger was the more popular shoe- similar to the Wildhorse but with “less” to it. I knew a little about it because some of my training buddies swear by it and when I had initially shopped for the Wildhorse the three different shoe stores I visited were out of the Kiger- a good sign. I have the Kiger and I do love it; It’s in the rotation for my training, but usually for shorter, quick runs. When people found out I had chosen the Wildhorse they said, “Well if you like the Wildhorse then you’ll LOVE the Kiger- it’s an incredible shoe.” And yes, agreed- it’s a great shoe, but I prefer the Wildhorse over the Kiger; I need that extra cushion and I like how it hugs me just right…it wins…and it’s WILD…just how I like my trails- Wild Trails…Wild Mountains…Wild Dreams…Wild Sally….what? =)

I’m recommending them to you….give ’em a whirl; and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. For now, keep training, keep running, keep dreaming….stay Wild!

Who Loves Ya!!!!