Every athlete needs strong hips and glutes- and most of us are weak in these areas because we sit so much. Weak hips and glutes attribute to many running injuries so GET STRONG and try my quick at home routine. Plank side kicks, clams and hip raises.

Plank Side Kicks

Most of us know how to do a plank and there are dozens of progressions for this wonderful exercise. If you are working on building up some strength to hold a plank, then you can MODIFY this exercise by resting on your hands and knees and then doing a side leg lift. You can also do this plank on your forearms and do the side kicks from there. Regardless of where you start, make sure you keep your back strong and straight.

Try: 2-3 rounds of 8 kicks on each leg

Progress: 2-3 rounds of 20-30 kicks on each leg

Advanced: Add a Thera-band for added resistance. In the video, I am using a Medium strength band.


Lie on your side with knees bent, hips stacked, heels “glued” together. Rest your head on your bicep and lift your ribcage off the ground just enough to slide your hand under- basically “align your spine”. In the video I have my head resting on my hand- however to protect your neck/spine and to stay aligned I suggest you relax on your bicep. Do these exercises slowly without a thera-band, then as you become stronger and you get the technique down, introduce a thera-band.

Try– 2-3 rounds of 8 clams on each leg

Progress– 3-4 rounds of 20 on each leg

Advanced– Introduce a theraband and increase number of repetitons.

Hip Raises

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed during the entire exercise. With smooth control, press your hips to the ceiling while keeping your back straight (don’t arch your back) and squeeze your glutes for 2 seconds at the top before lowering back down. As you advance this exercise, only allow yourself to hover above the ground before pressing back up.

Try– 2-3 rounds of 8 raises

Progress– 2-3 rounds of 20-30 reps

Advanced– Only allow your hips/lower back to hover above the ground with each repetiton.

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  • Kurt Erlandson

    Hi Sally,
    I saw your video on facebook in the Old Goat 50 group doing exercises for the glutes and hips. . The red band in the video is that a powersystem band? And if it isn’t what size is it so I can order one. Thanks.
    Kurt Erlandson