Learning from my Children

By June 6, 2015Uncategorized


We can learn a lot from our children if we simply take the time to listen. This past weekend, I was blown away by something my daughter said briefly after crossing the Finish line of a local 5k race. It was a hilly route and she wanted to push herself; she was so exhausted after finishing that I thought she was going to vomit. She took a seat on the curb, slowly sipping water. I sat with her for awhile talking to her about the race, when I became curious about what kept her going in the race- after all, she’s only 9; how does a 9 year old get “gritty” in a race?

“Makenzie what did you think about when the race got hard? How did you keep going?”

“I keep saying ‘You can do it- you can do it!’ And when it starts hurting and my lungs hurt, I just remember that I can rest after I finish and I’ll be okay.” 

I was genuinely amazed at her response; and so very proud.

I’m totally using that for Western States!