I eat mountains for breakfast & chase sunsets across peaks

Who is Sally McRae

I am a professional trail runner, wife, and mother of two,from Southern California. I grew up in Costa Mesa, and now live in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach.

I spend most of my racing season training with my crew in the San Gabriel Mountains and on the local South Orange County Trails.

I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up near the beach in the city of Costa Mesa.From an early age, my parents identified my natural competitive and passionate nature and signed me up for a race when I was seven years old.Although successful in local races, I chose to pursue soccer and gymnastics, joining the track and field team as a sprinter in high school only as a way to stay in shape. My success as a soccer player brought me to BIOLA University where I went on to be the Team Captain.

The Chance to Run

After college,I began running long distances as a way to see the surrounding sights and cities of the places I traveled to; and to maintain fitness while pursuing a career. I enjoyed the challenges that came with the marathon distance and qualified for Boston while running my second marathon. I went on to run a handful of marathons before discovering trail running in 2010.

I fell in love with the trail community, and the opportunities the races brought to explore the world around me. I also learned that my competitiveness and speed were good enough to make me a standout in the trail community; and in January 2014, I signed with Nike.

2015 was a year of living out dreams, chasing new ones, and lots of traveling. I began the year running in Italy’s breathtaking Sciacche Trail 50k on the Cinque Terre trails. It was my first international race and I relished in every moment and experience during my stay. Western States 100 was my only US race and I improved my top 10 spot by 3, coming in 7th place. I then traveled to France to run the monstrous UTMB- a 105 mile race that circumnavigates Mont Blanc taking the runners through three countries and climbing more than 34,000 feet along the way. It was the most challenging races of my life due in part to some sour insides but the mind-baffling views and fairy tale landscapes kept me moving and I’ve been dreaming of returning since the day I left.

2016 is already looking to be another exciting year in racing. I will begin with a road marathon in January then a 50k at the end of February (tbd), Lake Sonoma 50 in April, WS100 in June, UTMB in August, and Ultra Trail Cape Town in October. There are two other races I have my eyes on, but have not committed to yet. My goal is to have another injury-free year; to race faster and push the limits both physically and mentally a little more than I did last year.

Loving what I do

In addition to training and racing, I am incredibly passionate about inspiring others around me to live their best life.I love coaching, writing and speaking to small and large groups whenever I get the chance.

The recently released film “Western Time” by Billy Yang Films documents bits of my life and my journey to Western States.

You can also hear me on the popular podcast Trail Runner Nation where I co-host with my good friends Don Freeman and Scott Warr.

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